Diameter of Wheels Ø 1200 mm
Width of Wheels 135 mm
Max. Diameter of Log 1200 mm (C)
Max. Lenght of Log 5000 mm (6500 mm optional)
Max. Cutting Height 360 mm (A)
Max. Cutting Width 1100 mm (B)
Motor of movement of Bandsaw 4 KW
Motor for Movement of Bandsaw 2.2 KW
Sawdust Ø 200
Main Motor 37 kW (50 HP) – [45 kW (60 HP) Option]
Weight ~ 8840 kg
  • Two side hydraulic move blade guides
  • Hydraulic blade tensioning, automatic tension regulation with plate springs
  • Hydraulic up-down move arm for separating cut boards on to the transporter
  • Digital system for machine control and encoder for height positioning, memory for measured thickness, 50 optimizing cut programs for different diameters and widths
  • Joystick control with six function buttons
  • Remote control operating panel
  • Hydraulic system, 90° motion, hydromotor driven log rotating arms 2pcs
  • Hydraulic system log support arms 3pcs
  • Hydraulic system with double acting cylinder log clamping hooks 3pcs
  • Pneumatic saw wheel brake system